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Down by Contact by Santino Hassell



Gemini Keeps Capricorn by Anyta Sunday

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Lloyd and Wesley
Lloyd is the Resident Assistant of the floor Wesley lives on. There are rules to live by…one of them… no relationships…

Lloyd and Wesley are friends forever… and Wesley has feelings for Lloyd. But Lloyd have told him he doesn’t want him….in some way….
Lloyd does everything for Wesley… in some kind way…

They are dancing around each other in an endearing, humorous, flirting way.
Wesley knows they will not fit because….the stellar Gemini and Capricorn just doesn’t pair.

Wonderful written in Anyta Sunday way. In a lesser slow burn than I expected… (I didn’t mind)
I loved this story.
Both personalities were sweet and close to the heart. Wesley’s brother and their mutual friends have a great part in this story. I had trouble with an other family member of Wesley.
For all the Anyta Sunday fans…. a wonderful read!

Kindly received an ARC from A Novel Take PR

Nobody's ButterflyNobody's ButterflyNobody's Butterfly

Nobody’s Butterfly by Claire and Al Stewart

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BeatenTrack Publishing : Nobody’s Butterfly by Claire and Al Stewart


5+++ because…
Johnny dear sweetheart Johnny….. Johnny with his beautiful mind…. Johnny who sees the world how it is… Johnny… my heart swells thinking of Johnny
He sees the new boy arrive …Finn… fragile….Finn… magic…Finn…my heart is chanting “Finn”

“I didn’t want the big things—Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon—just the rain and snow.”

I always peek at the last page….but not with these authors…I’m so afraid to kill the magic… because there is always magic…their stories light me up and make me glow for weeks

“Danger is ever around us, my seeker. Feel it and enjoy.”

What a graceful moment to meet your kindred spirit… Johnny and Finn thank God they found each other. With finding the other they found so much more than their future.
They are so wonderful together. These boys….so precious….they made me laugh and cry…

“People make no sense to me. They really don’t.” He flung his head back. “At least you’re normal.”

It may look it’s written in a sort of fluffy way….but be aware…. ghad I cried my eyes out.
Of course you can read it as the words put on paper… but if you can FEEL it….
For me it was about the magic of life…feathering light and heavy as lead…about surviving, about the awkwardness and awareness of the world against a complicated hurt spirit. About growing up, break free…. without losing yourself and your magic, your heart and the love….

There are just a few stories who makes me howl from out my toes…this story did.
Claire and Al ….masters with words, masters with feelings, masters with magic.
Best story toward Christmas everrr…

Kindly received an ARC from the authors and you know…when i opened this book… I swear sparkling glitter flew up into the sky…

For the ones who don’t know about these authors…. start right now…like yesterday!!

By The Currawong’s Call by  Welton B. Marsland 

Goodreads : By The Currawong’s Call by  Welton B. Marsland 

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Escape Publishing : By The Currawong’s Call by  Welton B. Marsland 


Imagine : 1891 a small Australian town, a police officer and a priest, a love…. forbidden.
Extraordinary read. Written in such a way while reading I could easily imagine the whole picture, the noise, smell…included all the feelings…
It was more than beautiful it was exquisite..the way of writing was deep emotional, sometimes desperate because of those circumstances.
Both kind and free spirits, understanding each other’s opinions.

In a thoughtless moment, after some exhausting work against fire, in the back of the church father Matthew kisses his friend Sergeant Jonah and Jonah deepens it with his own mouth.
After that Matthew withdraws and it takes some time to reconnect…
Jonah is just so delicious shocking blunt and open toward Matthew….and Matthew….opened up instead of closing down and that was delicious too.

There is no hurry in this read. The steps they made…the realization of little endearing gestures were just so intimate, I felt sometimes like a voyeur and held my breath…

There were endearing funny parts I laughed and chuckled again and again.
I will not start about a sore face and a certain beard…and a falling helmet ….

‘That’s a lot of bloody buttons.’ ‘Thirty-nine,’ Matthew confirmed. ‘One for each of the Holy Articles.’

Always easy going, kind and humorous together they fit perfectly… equal in everything.
They explored each other bodies thoroughly and were blissfully at every discovery.
The love between them getting stronger and stronger, was so so right and beautiful….

I cried my eyes out at the end, thank you for giving them a HEA. I would not survived my broken heart.

It was an outstanding, overwhelming good written story. A diamond between all the books I read. All the stories entwined through this journey were just so well done.
This whole journey just took my breath away.
Their love, forbidden by law but, so right for human kind.

I can’t say it enough……Highly yes HIGHLY recommended.

Kindly received an ARC from the publisher through #Netgalley

Tournament of Champions (Daniel and Ryan Book 10) bt Tamryn Eradani

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NineStarPress: Tournament of Champions (Daniel and Ryan #10) by Tamryn Eradani


Besides knowing this is the last of a highly exquisite series I just couldn’t stop grinning. So funny in the Ryan and Daniel way!
They are serious about their relationship and they even organized a sister family meeting.
I just love how Daniel and Ryan are together outside a scene, teasing and funny…
Through their sisters we get to hear some more things about the men.
They even acknowledge their relationship at work!! Would you ever believe this?

I was head over heels with these guys from the very first sentence from the first book…every month more and more!
I followed them for almost a year….my iPad even autocompletion the authors ánd Ryan and Daniel’s names.
It was more than wonderful, it was perfect…Both men were perfect, not flawless but perfect.

#1 the anticipation goshhhh
#2 sensual and sexual tension
#3 the affection
#4 the trust
#5 anticipation anticipation
#6 lines are fading
#7 expanding territory
#8 highly awareness
#9 absolutely breathtaking
#10 I just couldn’t stop grinning and smiling from ear to ear.

It was an exceptional journey I wouldn’t have want to miss for a million. I’m really emotional that this is over now….I cried silently tears which were rolling down my cheeks…
Without exaggeration this is one of the best series I’ve ever read.
The end was the icing on the cake…..totally in Daniel and Ryan style ❤

A word to the author:
Thank you…! For sharing this excellent journey of Daniel and Ryan!! It was everything!!
Oke….now I’m gonna sit and cry out loud….

I kindly received an early copy/ARC from NineStar Press for a release day review!

Citywide by Santino Hassell

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city wide[2612]

Good Goddess… that was so f# cking emotional I thought my heart would stop beating at some point
How in the world is it possible to write such intense words down…. I’m a complete mess.
‘Intense’ isn’t even reaching the level it was.
Emotional, open, raw, real, honest, sensual erotic and hot as hell.
Chris, Jace and Aiden I hoped with Third Rail they would have their threegether and thank you dear author for giving them what they deserved so hard. I just could stop reading I was completely satisfied…and exhausted…
Okey so far my opinion about Rerouted I’m now gonna read the next part…

To be honest I wouldn’t read this if it was not part of..and in the middle of..a Santino Hassell read. I highly valuate his way of writing and view of the world…so I gave this part a shot… I was not disappointed…
Tonya and Meredith…both big mouthed… Tonya as a bodyguard and Meredith as the spoiled daughter…in Tonya’s view.. and oh Goddess was she wrong. They misjudged each other very.
And when they collapsed again after a year there is no denying they feel something for the other. Meredith is more open about it. They were hot together and Meredith is so wonderful….Tonya only can follow her lead.

“It had taken me years to accept my identity, and I was sick and tired of people trying to twist who I was to suit their desires.”

Very different from the first story…As always strong written with explicit personalities.
I couldn’t connect or feel an intensity to the fullest….but that’s my debit.

Angel and Stephanie… f# ck buddies off and on. But atmosphere is changing and nothing is what it is anymore…. Hardheaded and stubborn but o so vulnerable…
Two strong individuals who are afraid to admit that they are even stronger together.

Loved how all the Five Boroughs are there…they all deserve their spotlight…
My highlight of this book was absolutely Rerouted…. it touched all my buttons….

Lace-Covered Compromise by Silvia Violet

Goodreads review : Lace-Covered Compromise by Silvia Violet

Amazon : Lace-Covered Compromise by Silvia Violet 


Adam and Nate
Whoooop awesome read. A lot of fighting and arguing… they hate each other (ha! not)
Adams father left only the half of the company to him and the other half….to Nate

They are totally opposite about the future of the company and Adam goes straight to Nate to tell him the truth and to f* of…..walking in Nate’s office there is a duffel bag and some pink lace peaks out. Adam is instant hard….

Both men struggle to work together but oh my…. they are sexy together….they fight and curse and are so hot for each other.
Nate is one sexy guy and knows exactly what Adam needs. Adam is so spoiled and doesn’t even know how the act ‘normal’ but he knows he is attracted to Nate.

Adam shows some lousy act in the morning after spending the night at Nate home. Nate is done and icy toward Adam and Adam knows he has to confess his deep fears….

Told from Adam’s pov and he has a very busy head which was awesome !! Wonderful written story I was totally in from page one. The way they loved and fight was highly sensual. The lace of course sexy as hell Both men strong, emotional and vulnerable and all put down in a very appealing way. Their personalities…… I loved them immensely
The story told in a strong witty way, the space was fast, feelings all over the floor.
The whole package…..I want to recommend!!

An ARC received from the publisher through NetGalley

Wheels Up by Annabeth Albert

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4.5 They have been contacting through a hookup website. They just fit together, have dirty talk, pictures and also about regular things. Not totally honest about what they do exactly for work.
When they both are in the same place they have a one-time date. Just once and it was amazing

When Wes is introduced as the new team member Dustin is in shock. No one can find out they had a thing….no one! It will costs their job and career….their future.
Only the attraction is to strong. They can’t stay away from each other.

I must say….the blurb says it all

Their personalities are well defined. The way of writing them down was strong, emotional and hot as hell. They struggled so much it was somewhat painful to watch. But when they were together…. there was no outside world…. it was just the two of them and very appetizing.
They broke up with words more than once but the emotional bond was just to strong…

Another wonderful story by Annabeth Albert

Kindly received an arc from A Novel Take PR

Back Where He Belongs by Isobel Starling

Goodreads review : Back Where He Belongs by Isobel Starling 

Amazon buy link : Back Where He Belongs by Isobel Starling

Back Where He BelongsIsobel

Fountain of Beauty (The Cubi #4) by Meraki P. Lyhne

Goodreads review : Fountain of Beauty by Meraki P. Lyhne

Amazon buy link : Fountain of Beauty by Meraki P. Lyhne 


Testing the Limits by Tamryn Eradani

NineStarPress : Testing the Limits by Tamryn Eradani

Amazon :  Testing the Limits by Tamryn Eradani

Goodreads : Testing the Limits by Tamyn Eradani


5 BIG stars Ryan, a man I adore! He pays so much attention to Daniel it’s just overwhelming. When Ryan opens his mouth gold is coming out. Daniel is getting more open and relaxed. We even get to see a humorous side of him.

Ryan is completely in charge….. I must say while reading I get nervous and then I read this line:


Let me tell you….not only for Daniel…Holy shit…my stomach is turning into knots…
(Yeah…reviewing while reading)

I have faith in Ryan but he is also human….

The building up… and then Chapter three was….breathtaking…it made me speechless… so intense…it was almost if I was bodily Daniel and watching through Ryan’s eyes…exhausting…
Afterwards it was perfect…just perfect.. I was moved by the whole scene..

These two men are growing on me and every time more. Emotionally I feel connected with them…while reading I felt both Ryan and Daniel their emotions ….I feel so connected I’m even afraid to face the moment to say goodbye….

I’m so so thrilled there is still more coming….of course it has to end once and at some point…. but the knowing there will be more……heaven…..

Again written in a breathtaking way. The whole scenery, the environments was masterwork.
With so little, as in a cocoon, to make such a build up, that’s what I call excellence writing skills.

Where Do I Start by Chase Taylor Hackett

Amazon: Where Do I Start by Chase Taylor Hackett

Goodreads : Where Do I Start by Chase Taylor Hackett


5 BIG stars and more. What a great read, it kept me in its spell The way of writing was so uplifting
It was warm, endearing, fluffy, emotional and witty.
The most lovely MC’s in their own way…

The story tells from ‘the here and now’ and switches smoothly to what had happened and what they wished, written in the most captivating way. Both MC’s will give a view from their perspective…

Fletch has a ‘terrible’ attitude but…you will love him…he is just so ….immature …and more
Roger has a ‘terrible’ attitude but….you will love him…he is just so ….mature…. and more
Together they are perfect and so not….

Roger a lawyer and a wonderful violinist. Shy and introvert….and….with a lovely dog Haggis
Fletch, a Haggis lover, was kind, sparkling, always good humoured and not monogamous, not before, during and after his relationship with Roger….
Roger was angry when he finds out…threw Fletch out and was left devastated…

After two years they meet again….Fletch is struck and ‘seen the light’ and wants Roger back…
As sweet and easygoing Roger is, taking back Fletch is not an option…
Roger has a boyfriend Jeff-rey……Fletch is determined and has a creative mind…

“Was there suddenly a part of my miserable, undereducated, oversexed, juvenile-delinquent brain that was actually entertaining monogamy as a possibility?”

The constant self reflections, the clarifying thoughts were just fabulous…

“How good in bed could I possibly be that somebody would risk their life to chase me across Broadway against traffic”

Dear wise best friend Tommy realized some true things about how Roger and Fletch feel about each other and the reason why they don’t say things!
I love Tommy and so hope there will be a story for him ❤

And then…. some shit happened…..I cried…it broke my heart…

Fletch….o..Fletch..he is just wonderful…and flawed…and honest…yes honest…and Roger was such a fantastic flawed emotional cry guy….I loved them both hard

It’s amazingly dynamic and very very lovable, not one line was boring. There were so many lines playing with… my heart…my laugh… and my (blurred) eyes
The developing was tremendously good done….it was so good!

An absolute mustread!! Highly recommended!

Kindly received an ARC from publisher through Netgalley

Follow Him Home by P.W. Davies

Amazon : Follow Him Home by P.W. Davies

Goodreads: Follow Him Home by P.W. Davies


Not sure how to review this one….it was exquisite
It was a beautiful symphony. I fully enfold and savored it
Word magician(s) unbelievable captivating, very seducing… intriguing
A good dose of suspense and beautiful mature personalities.

It’s written in a way (for me) like a song…the more you hear it the more you understand…
The waves of words in all the sentences aren’t simple….it makes you reread lines and then you feel it more and better ….but maybe it’s just me.

The build up was excellent done. Peter first swooned by Christian. Christian a man in a cloud of contradictions When Victor comes in the scene it’s even getting more fuller and anticipation is killing….the three of them together…..It screams for more!

Exquisite read I highly want to recommend!

Kindly received an ARC from the authors for a honest review

London Dates 1-5 by Brad Tanner

Amazon: London Dates 1-5 by Brad Tanner

Goodreads : London Dates 1-5 by Brad Tanner


ALL the five stars. OMG what a wonderful read!! Fresh, positive, steamy, naughty and with so much delightful humor. I enjoyed it and was head over heels.

Told from Castor’s pov. He is so lovely, a nerd, a thinker… I really like him a lot….easygoing, not resentful…. sometimes even a tiny bit shallow….. until…….

We can see Castor grow from an inexperienced eighteen old boy, in his students years, to an (almost 🙂 responsible young guy….

Witty lines: “My cheeks, the ones on the face, glow red”
There are a lot of wonderful sentences and passages.
A lot of steamy sexy scenes. Some nice men with occasional encounters…and sometimes more
There is Mike….and Richie…..and Robert…they all love and enjoy Castor immensely

And then there is Alyosha…..you could only swoon by his name….
He is from a whole other category…Castor’s feelings are so different with him. No quick fuck in the background, no fast blowjob…. Castor feels even insecure…and doesn’t know what to do.

What follows is just…. delightful….

The conversations are very readable and all Castor’s inner thoughts ditto.
This whole story absorbs me. I couldn’t get enough

There are lines you will roll over ‘It’s pronounced as willy.” Read it and recognize this point!
I completely adored this story and want to recommend it to everyone who wants to get recommended 🙂 because you will too!

Kindly received a copy from the author

Sightlines by Santino Hassell

Published by Riptide Publishing

Amazon: Sightlines by Santino Hassell

Goodreads : Sightlines by Santino Hassell

Twitter : Sightlines by Santino Hassell


While my Wife’s Away by James Lear

Read review on this site While my Wife’s Away

Publisher Cleis Press :http://cleispress.com/

Review on Goodreads : While my Whife’s Away

Review on Amazon : While my Wife’s Away

James Lear

Truus’s bookshelf: 2017

Caught In Between
it was amazing
5 stars and much more Caught in between Tamryn EradaniRyan is so highly aware of Daniel’s needs is just overwhelming. It seems he knows more about his needs than Daniel himself…
And he knows just why Daniel wants certain things….h…
2017 and m-m
Sweet Thing
it was amazing
Amazing read. Full of compassion, deep love, friendship and second chances….
I really had no idea where this story was about and while reading my heart stuttered many times.
It was so emotional I almost couldn’t handle it. Realistic pe…
2017 and m-m
Reckless Heart
really liked it
Milo and Cam Sweet Romance Lovely read !!
Milo living with his brother and partner is young and full of lust. When he discovers a beautiful man sitting at a table in the bar where he works, he knows he’s going to ask him for a hookup to…
2017 and m-m
The Quarterback
did not like it
I can’t find a motivation for a star…
I’m a bit upset by my own review and I really doubt to put it online….maybe later
2017 and m-m
Foxglove Copse
really liked it
Sam and RuanThey meet under a somewhat bloody circumstances. They like each other.
Sam, suffering anxieties attacks and having a big one in front of Ruan, knows things about tarot and witchcrafts. He finds in Ruan a friend and even mo…
review-to-do, m-m, and 2017
Obeying Archer
liked it

3 stars It started strong which gave some expectations… unfortunately it didn’t meet them. Sometimes it did but then it was gone. So in a chart….up and down.Still i wanted to finish it because it was captivating, it had very lovabl…

2017 and m-m
Dirty Mind
it was amazing

Wonderful…..wonderful read! Again a winner in my hand…a winner of humorous, witty, emotional, sensitive and innovating sentences…..I was in from the first line and not only because I’ve been to Sitges myself….

Alex in his earl…

2017 and m-m
Scorpio Hates Virgo
it was amazing
4.5 stars
Percy and Cal
Oke I have to confess….i love and hate slow burns from this author….
Love it because it’s so beautiful, emotional and intense and hate it because it’s so beautiful, emotional and intense and I can’t handle th…
2017 and m-m
really liked it
4 leaning to 4.5 stars
Amazing fascinating read.
When I tell you I’m inexperienced with warlocks and fantasy books….I’ve read TJ Klune’s Wolfsong with shifters….What I mean is I don’t know what I can expect or anticipate to….I w…
m-m and 2017
Friends Zone: An M/M Contemporary Romance
it was amazing
4.5 stars
Adam and Rory
Petit intense story with a lot of sense.
The photographer and the model.
Living together as friends. The line between friends and lovers is thin. Rory hopes for more but doesn’t dare to hope because he always pr…
2017 and m-m
it was amazing
To understand this story you must read Volatile first….and you should because Volatile is an wonderful written delicate and emotional story.
I did read it again before starting in Magnetic See link to review Volatile at bottomAbsolu…
2017 and m-m
Illegal Contact
it was amazing
Some books just hold me under their spell. This one does..
I eagerly read and read and read if I was running a marathon….between work and a few bites and even lesser sleep I run through this read heading finish….Stumbling over the…
2017 and m-m
Till Death
it was amazing
Till Death by Kol AndersonTrent and Justin
Can’t find the right words to describe this story…I stumble and stumble….Beside every nice thought there sneaks a violent one. Watching a slasher movie Trent calls it cathartic….my go…
2017 and m-m
it was amazing
4.5 stars
Alex and AtwellBy the cover or the title you couldn’t guess how mind blowing sensual and erotic this read now and then is and how varied the storyline. Gosshhh I loved this story…Alex, twenty three years old, is working a…
m-m and 2017
Forever Bound
it was amazing

5 BIG stars Sam – Simon – AaronPowerful read. Humor, pain, lust, great D/s relationships another amazing read from the Trust series.

“I don’t know your background, and I don’t have to know, but I do understand how it feels to finally…

2017 and m-m
Year One
liked it

Aoi and SatoAn erotic voice actor and an accountant at an anime company. After reading their first short story last year they now made some progress in their relationship, a big step, finally they have more money because of Aoi his job…

2017, m-m, and review-to-do
DAVID - Raw Heat
really liked it
Bradley knows how to impress. After a week he messaged David if he fancied a meal. David agrees and there he goes…We don’t know much about these guys…what i do know is…
David is very kind, well-humored and easygoing.
Bradley is w…
2017 and m-m
really liked it
I think this book is a start of a really entertaining series.
David in need to get a hot date meets Bradley at a bar. After some smiling back and forth they end up at Bradley’s apartment.
Being satisfying fucked by Bradley, David wakes u…
2017 and m-m
Permanent Ink
liked it
I really had high expectations…..
Sorry to say I couldn’t bond with them. And the bond between Poe and Jericho I couldn’t feel either…
It’s not of the content because I do like age gap stories and the environments.
But their persona…
2017 and m-m
Cinnamon Eyes
really liked it
If you want a sweet read….stop and take this one.Cory is returning from a hell of a depression. One where he couldn’t come out of bed literally… He gets the best advice from his therapist.
He returns to his happiness after sixteen …
2017 and m-m
All In
it was amazing
Galen and Blaze 5 starsOwww this is an amazing intense read. Blaze almost gay bashed to death and Galen saving him.
Blaze a bartender and Galen a lawyer. Blaze thinks Galen is way out of reach but Galen is impressed by Blaze his streng…
2017 and m-m
Forbidden Lust
it was amazing
4.5 stars Delicious forbidden
He was determined to survive…Jackson…. Heavy neglected by his mother and no father around.
Even on his eighteenth birthday his mother is out with friends. Luckily there is a nearly stepfather Cole….wh…
2017 and m-m
Weekend Getaway
it was amazing
Do I love these guys…? Much more than that….. I adore them!
Every step they take is just amazing….and I’m so thrilled they are growing closer and closer they spend more time with each other and not alone with scenes.Daniel…..th…
2017 and m-m
Weekend Getaway
it was amazing
Do I love these guys…? Much more than that….. I adore them!
Every step they take is just amazing….and I’m so thrilled they are growing closer and closer they spend more time with each other and not alone with scenes.Daniel…..th…
2017 and m-m
Lab Romance: MM fiction
it was amazing
4.5 stars David and MarkosThey meet at the gym and the attraction is instant. They only give the other a look…
Then they see each other at a club, Markos has a guy all over him….
The next time they meet it’s when they are introduc…
2017 and m-m
More Than Everything
really liked it
Had this on my kindle already…saw a recommend somewhere and goshhh read it three times in a row….What can I say about the story…..I think the blurb says it all
What can I say about how i felt and what I thought while reading….
2017 and m-m
Top of the Slope
really liked it
Top of the Slope by Brad Tanner
A story about friends meeting at a ski resort. Not all of them have met already but they are all connected.
Josh hopes his ex-not-ex Thomas is desperate to see him after all these months. Thomas only want…
2017 and m-m
A Kind of Romance
it was amazing
5 stars Awesome read. Down to earth, funny, honest, flawed The ingredients for a fabulous read.
Told from Zeke’s pov. I must say i would loved it even more when I could peak in Benny’s head now and then.
Because….Benny….what is not t…
2017 and m-m
Dear Mona Lisa...
it was amazing

It made me buzz…The build up is so refined. One moment you know nothing and then ride along with the journey…It makes you eager to know…to know it all…

Told from Tom his mind and when he thinks and speak, something is happeni…

2017 and m-m
Dark Needs
really liked it
Gavin and BainSomething I really crave to read. What’s not to love….?
An adorable twin with a strong connection and a strong desire for each other….but are still denying it. They don’t really expect the other will feel the same…
2017 and m-m
really liked it
Working to watch security screens of the mall Ken sees a lot. When a waiter from the bar is taking a short break and stands in the shadow Ken is watching him. He can see how the waiter makes some particular movements and when he recogniz…
2017 and m-m
really liked it
Jonas, Cole and MaceThat was one harsh, damn harsh, journey of three men finding love and absolution.
It was a lot to take. I felt somewhat exhausted after finishing….it was absolute worth reading.
It pushed many of my buttons….A…
2017 and m-m
Dirty Deeds
really liked it
Sometimes I devour a hot, wild steamy read with two unbelievable strong hard fit and horny men….*swallow*
Sexually a delicious read it will knock you from your chair….Gaige an expert with computers sitting in Alec’s server room…….
2017 and m-m
it was amazing
Taboo #1
I almost couldn’t concentrate because of the excitement….almost 🙂
—all sounds off – oke guys *tjik tjik* *go go* – finally alone and *sigh* let the game begin—Only thing I knew that it’s taboo..but how will it be… fro…
2017 and m-m
The Layover
it was amazing
5 Overwhelming stars
Woww that.was.one.great.impressive.read. Categorized : mustreadAmazing story, refreshing way of writing, accents to details in a way I just found absolute extraordinary.
Self reflection and reflections of surround…
2017 and m-m
Violence Begets...
it was amazing
I’m out of words……..
2017 and m-m
Taboo 5: Final Episode
it was amazing
Taboo 5# by Kol AndersonThe last one from this Taboo series.
Recommend to read the first four to understand this story.After been sold by their father Jake and Colton are kept hostage by master of torture Weldon.
Even though Weldon …
2017 and m-m
In His Eyes
it was amazing
5+++Micah – Skye – Reid – Calvin. Four beautiful boys growing out to four even more beautiful men.
All the parts gave this whole book so much dynamic. Impressive !Technically I don’t know anything about book terms and certainly not i…
2017, m-m, and 5plus2017-read
Pounding Skin
really liked it

Jon and MattThey meet in the tattoo shop where Matt will put a tattoo on Jon’s….butt….yeah he lost a bet with his friends/colleagues.

Matt having trouble to find out who he really is. His first act was always “I’m not gay!” And th…

2017 and m-m
really liked it
Ethan and his life….
He was good with musing…Ethan was lonely and wanted company.
A dating site…..that was something from this time….Ethan in his early forties thinks of himself as common, plain, nothing special.
Maybe a makeove…
2017 and m-m
it was amazing
Male/Male by Seth King 5 starsTold alternately by Talon and Alexander.
This story felt very personal
Talon..Damn…how he puts down quite accurate about only loving at full blast somehow being too much and not being enough…that hit …
2017 and m-m
Chief's Mess
really liked it
Anthony and Noah…This story has two parts the one before and the one after….
The one before is 77% of the story the one after the other 23…I found it difficult to read. Not in complicated but the content… I knew what was comi…
2017 and m-m
really liked it
Sweet and easygoingRory was everything David didn’t want in a guy. Short, no hair to grab and straight…
Without a job and a place to live, he luckily can rent a room at Rory’s place.David….what a guy…he gives names to things…
2017 and m-m
Spa Weekend
it was amazing
5 stars Ohhh i love this serie so much Daniel and Ryan are everything together.
They have their own specific characteristics and those are wonderful to read. Little details which gives this whole journey dimension. Daniel neat, routines …
2017 and m-m
Something's Brewing at Joe's
really liked it
Murphy and Joe
Both very emotional passionate men. Their heart on their sleeves and their sex life is very dynamic.Murphy goes to Tampa to make a new start and having his dream job……not….
Disillusioned he tries to make the bes…
2017 and m-m
it was amazing
Intelligent and strong readAnother strong story about gifted people….gifted with something useful but if they should be happy about that fact…
Holden, the son of the founder of the community, has a replacement for Chase, Sixtus…….
2017 and m-m
Texting, AutoCorrect, and a Prius
really liked it
4,5 stars
Darrell and ClayTheir eyes crossed and somehow they meet again. Darrell sells a car and Clay want to buy a car. After Clay send a hilarious Textmessage the ice is broken…their attraction is instant….definitely wanting s…
2017 and m-m
it was amazing
4,5 stars
Jaeger still deeply obsessed by Matty is brooding. Every boy he meet he
compares. And none can hold.
The FBI is still searching for him….he is like Hannibal from The Silence
of the Lambs….
Always a step ahead…
Matty’s …
2017 and m-m
Just Hanging Out
it was amazing
4,5 stars. Delicious read. Funny lovely and endearing.
It gave me a positive boost.
Tim is a teaser and Shawn responds to ever teas… A read with soap, candles and fragrance and picnic and sunset….
A short but very sweet read. A bit e…
2017 and m-m
it was amazing
4,5 stars
That’s what I call a well developed story with width and depth.Matty criminal profiler working for the Fed
Grant…a very intelligent psychologist…. hot and witty. Easygoing for
the eye but always on high alert.
And then …
2017 and m-m


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